ICBCSO30TM/S/TH 76cm M Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven

Please suspend disbelief as we note a few capabilities of the Wolf 30” E Series Convection Steam Oven. Juicy, golden roast turkey. Vibrant steamed asparagus. Bubbly, crisp-crusted casseroles. Complex “multi-pot” dishes created automatically in one oven dish. Steam, roast, bake, slow cook – the possibilities are almost unlimited. And it’s a healthier way to cook: steam vegetables and retain up to 22% more vitamins. (Not to mention, get your children to eat them, they’re so delicious.)

It’s almost supernatural, the way it works. Choose the cooking mode combining steam and convection that’s ideal for your dish. The oven’s unique digital technology senses the amount and size of the food, and automatically adjusts all the details of cooking. A stale baguette is rejuvenated to just-baked freshness. French fries are “fried” without a drop of added fat. Crisp, hot phyllo pastry is baked around firmly frozen ice cream. Miraculous? It’s all in a day’s work for our Convection Steam Oven.


  • Tubular handle to match Wolf M series ovens and transitional products
  • Standard or flush inset installation
  • Crafted of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Combines convection and steam heat to achieve superior results
  • Convection with 12 cooking modes including steam, reheat, auto steam bake, convection, convection humid, convection steam, Gourmet, slow roast, recipes, my recipes, keep warm and cleanse
  • Gourmet and recipes modes for quick, convenient meal preparation
  • Operating time, delayed start and descaling features
  • Four-level rack guides with two adjustable oven racks
  • Large viewing window and halogen interior lighting
  • Temperature probe, perforated and solid stainless steel pans

Model Options:


Technical Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions: H454 mm x W759 mm x D546 mm
  • Interior Dimensions: H279 mm x W454 mm x D400 mm
  • Weight: 80 lb (36 kg)
  • Capacity: 1.8 ft3 (51 L)
  • Door Clearance: 360 mm


  • Perforated stainless steel pans
  • Solid stainless steel pans
  • Porcelain baking sheet
  • Full-extension and standard oven racks
  • Descaling solution

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ICBCSO30TM/S/TH 76cm M Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven