ICBCI243C/B 61cm Contemporary Induction Cooktop

Beneath the sleek surface of the Wolf 24” Induction Cooktop dwells a cooking technology of startling precision and power. It’s called magnetic induction. The cooktop doesn’t heat up, the cookware does, fast and with perfectly distributed heat. Turn an element up or down, and the temperature response is instantaneous – up to 40% faster than gas or electric. Wolf induction produces very high highs and very low lows, for faster sears and boils or gentle simmers and melts. (A low-end finesse that other induction cooktops may not give you.)

The C1243C/B is highly efficient, exceptionally safe and easy to clean, because the cooktop stays relatively cool. With flexible cooking configurations, its three elements accommodate a variety of pan sizes and dish preparation. Black ceramic glass surface resists scratching, staining, impact and heat. Illuminated white LED sliding touch controls are crisp and easy to read. And its minimalist design coordinates nicely with any kitchen décor.


  • Trimless design to match Wolf contemporary products
  • Can be mounted flush with countertop
  • Ceran glass-ceramic surface for scratch resistance and easy cleaning
  • Induction elements heat iron and other magnetic cookware instantly, while cooktop surface stays cool
  • Cookware sensing – elements will not be energized without an induction compatible pan on the surface
  • Bridge zone connects two elements to create a 20cm x 43cm cooking area
  • Wolf exclusive induction elements sense pan size to focus power for optimum performance
  • Boost mode boosts power by diverting power from an adjacent element
  • Wolf exclusive melt setting for gentle heat, and true simmer setting prevents scorching
  • Touch controls display an intuitive power scale for precise control
  • Indicators including boost mode, illuminate on the control panel
  • Control panel lock
  • Independent timer up to 99 minutes

Model Options:

  • ICBCI243C/B

Cooktop Specifications:

  • Element Medium (x2) – 2100 W / with 3000 W Boost
  • Element Large (x1) – 2600 W / with 3150 W Boost

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: H64 mm x W610 mm x D533 mm
  • Weight: 42 lb (19 kg)
  • Element Diameter: 267mm (x1), 203mm (x2)

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ICBCI243C/B 61cm Contemporary Induction Cooktop