ICBDD36 91cm Downdraft System

Wolf's new Cooktop Downdraft now rises 356mm inches from the countertop to whisk away odours and smoke from the smallest sauté pan to the largest stock pot. Powerful internal, in-line and remote blowers with "boost" mode are available for complete ventilation control. When not in use the downdraft can be closed and hidden from view. For enhanced convenience the downdraft comes with a wired remote control that can be placed up to 2.7 metres away, undercounter, or even tucked away in an adjacent cabinet. Care is made easy with stainless steel mesh filters that are simple to remove and dishwasher safe.

Behind its sculpted lines are countless hours of design-driven, functional thinking. The new downdraft pairs adapt perfectly with all gas cooktops and electric cooktops while 76cm and 91cm width options allow for multiple configurations. For island installations, the seamless, stainless steel back provides a clean look from anywhere in the room.


  • Three-speed blower control with boost
  • Remote-mounted control module with LED indicators
  • Delay-off feature to automatically turn unit off
  • Stainless steel, mesh filters
  • Reversible motor box
  • Adjustable discharge

Model Options:

  • ICBDD36

Technical Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions: H256 mm x W914 mm x D51 mm
  • Weight: 79 lb (36 kg)


  • Make-up air damper
  • 20cm In-line damper
  • 25cm In-line damper

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ICBDD36 91cm Downdraft System