ICB424G Undercounter Wine Preservation

Temperature, humidity, light, vibration – all these things can harm the flavor of your favorite Chablis or Cabernet. But our ICB424G Built-in Wine Storage blends superior-grade materials, advanced technologies and a 65-year tradition of American craftsmanship to defeat the enemies of wine, and make sure that you’ll always get the best out of every glass, with every bit of the bouquet and taste that the vintner intended.

It has two individually controlled storage zones, so you can store and serve both reds and whites at the proper temperature. Racks glide smoothly in and out, providing access without agitating wine. UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass prevents light exposure. Dual evaporators maintain constant, moderate humidity. With six racks and a 46-bottle capacity, the ICB424G is perfect for kitchen, study, master suite – literally any room where you might enjoy a sip.

ICB424G Highlights

  • Two independent temperature zones hold reds and whites at proper serving temperature
  • UV-resistant glass door protects against premature wine aging
  • Shelves store 750 ml bottles, half bottles and magnums
  • Discreet interior lighting
  • Smooth roller-glide shelves for access without agitating wine

Model Options

  • ICB424G/S/PH-LH
  • ICB424G/S/PH-RH
  • ICB424G/S/TH-LH
  • ICB424G/S/TH-RH

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: H864 mm x W606 mm x D610 mm
  • Wine Storage Capacity:46 bottles
  • Door Clearance: 645 mm
  • Star K Certified
  • Shipping Weight:86 Kg

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ICB424G Undercounter Wine Preservation