Terms and Conditions

1. Personal Information

I confirm that the information provided in the application is true and correct. I also understand that Madison (Hong Kong) Limited may use my personal information and records for the purpose of providing and promotion services or other products made available by Madison (Hong Kong) Limited. I can request Madison (HK) Limited without changes to stop mailing/sending information on that product and service to me in written.

2. Coverage of Warranty

This warranty is given by Madison (Hong Kong) Limited as the sole distributor for Sub-Zero/Wolf in Hong Kong. The warranty relates to all parts that may be faulty and/or defective. It will only apply if the Sub-Zero/Wolf product is used for domestic purposes in accordance with the operation manual and does not cover any malfunction that has resulted from the improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, improper electricity supply, water supply, power surges, extreme temperatures or unauthorized tampering, alteration or modification without the authority of Sub-Zero/WOLF.

Sub-Zero/Wolf products are not designed to be used in every environment, therefore, please refer to your operation manual.

3. Validity and Length of Warranty

The warranty is valid from the date of the original installation of the Sub-Zero and Wolf products upon the presentation of this warranty card together with the purchase invoice to the technician in attendance.

4. Extent of Warranty

All faulty or defective parts shall be replaced and/or repaired free of charge (including labor) within the warranty period subject to the defect being due to faulty materials or workmanship in the sealed system. The sealed system consists of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier and all connection tubings.

5. Exclusion of Warranty

The warranty excludes the following :

  • Consumable, wearable and non-functional parts and accessories, in particular the rusting or staining of metal parts, light-blubs, batteries, filters, handles, knobs, glass shelves, wire shelves and trays.
  • Any damage caused by intense cleaning, reconditioning, lubrication, sunlight, temperature, humidity or other natural causes of wear and tear.

6. Limitation of Liability

The maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid for the Sub-Zero/Wolf product. Madison (Hong Kong) Limited shall not be liable for any loss, injury, expenses, special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages or liability whatsoever or howsoever arising directly or indirectly or consequently arising from the Sub-Zero/Wolf product before or after servicing by its technician.

7. Warranty to be of no effect

This warranty will be null and void in the following circumstances :

  • If the product has been damaged due to any damage, negligence, misuse, improper installation and use of non-genuine Sub-Zero/Wolf parts or accessories ; or
  • The product has been tampered with or repaired or modified by any person not authorized by Madison (Hong Kong) Limited or damage of the product is caused by the use of improper electricity supply, water supply/drainage or exhaust pipes ; or
  • The product is not used in accordance with the instructions in the operation manual from Madison and/or SubZero/Wolf.

8. Other Terms & Conditions

  • Transport charges will apply if the technician is required to travel to any of the outlying islands of Hong Kong for the purpose of inspection, collection or delivery of the Sub-Zero/Wolf product otherwise there will be transport charges.
  • The customer shall provide a reasonable, sufficient and safe working space to access the product for service. Customer shall also be responsible for clearing the work area by moving away all objects blocking access to the product and to provide electricity and water supply for testing the product.
  • The warranty does not cover any defects which are subject to the manufacturer’s recall or which are covered under a manufacturer’s program for reimbursement.
  • Madison (Hong Kong) Limited on any question relating to complaints as to faulty or defective components, defects in workmanship, defects in materials, replacement or repair, shall be conclusive.
  • Madison (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this warranty without prior notice.

This warranty is provided by Madison (Hong Kong) Limited as the sole distributor for SubZero/Wolf.