Wolf. The cooking specialists

From the very first glance you can tell that Wolf cooking equipment has been built to do a job. Solid steel, rugged knobs, formidable burners. Mind you, if you'd been subject to 70 years of demands from professional chefs, you'd feel qualified to cook pretty much anything that came your way. And that's exactly what Wolf cooking equipment does. To perfection. Wolf only makes cooking equipment. Wolf delivers unprecedented performance and technology to your kitchen. Superb cooking equipment, hand-built in the USA. We haven't compromised at any point from the quality of the materials we use to the technology that gets things done (or underdone or medium rare). We don't make it clever for clever's sake. Wolf's advanced technology will never overwhelm but rather make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare delicious meals. In addition to the sophisticated exteriors and striking cobalt blue oven interiors you will find that the settings, the precise temperature control, and the features are all designed to get the results you want.